Sunday, February 28, 2010

I opened up a new moleskine notebook today and found a little string taped to the inside. How perfect. I love that someone actually took the time to do this.


inge said...

Hi Debi
A photographers friend of mine visited the Moleskin factory a few years ago in India. He said it was one of the most upsetting things he has ever seen.. apparently the workers work in shocking conditions for very very little money.. feet in acid, losing limbs in machines etc.. and a crowd waiting outside for work ready to replace those that fall away..
I wish that who-ever stuck that little string in there could feel your appreciation ..

debi van zyl said...

inge, thanks for this comment. i had no idea about these conditions in india. it makes me incredibly sad to hear about this, this happens too much in our world. we forget too often, including me, that we are massive consumers of goods like this and at times we're ignorant about where they come from. meanwhile peoples' lives are effected by our foreign choices and we have no clue as to what impact that has, down the level of who actually makes the things we think are beautiful and simple.
i have always liked and used the moleskine notebooks, but you are making me think twice.

inge said...

Hi sorry for the bleak comment yesterday, yes makes me very sad too.. I felt I had to share that story..
To be honest I still buy Moleskins- its like a addiction... ugh..
I now have such weird feelings when using it.. but suppose its about knowing the story of objects yes.. asking questions on where things come from.. weird world..