Thursday, February 4, 2010

Airplants have been sneaking into my life recently.

And now these strange plant houses... I love them. Find them at My House Party.

{via for me, for you}

We're in lovely Seattle for a few days. Arrived yesterday to rain, of course. I used to live here, just over 10 years ago. Nice to be back, albeit, not for very long.

We went on a little drive this morning; you can get out of the city so fast if you choose. It's also nice to see moss growing on the trees and in all the little cracks in the sidewalk. All the vibrant green.... everywhere!


krys kirkpatrick said...

Welcome back to Seattle. Drive up to Laconner and see our reopened and fabulous shop in Laconner. "Hutch Studio" formerly Bunnies By The Bay, now next door. It is coooool! On your way to the San Juans and Anacortes of course.

debi van zyl said...

sorry i couldn't make it this time, krys! this visit was jammed packed with visiting old friends, but next time I'd love to stop by. Any excuse for a trip to the san juan islands and anachortes where my friend has a wine shop, which i have yet to visit.