Monday, November 30, 2009

Didn't know how badly I wanted an axe until now.
Or seven axes.

You can't just have one of these, right? I'm a sucker for the olive green hot pink combo, but really I think I would need one of each.... Just like this, hanging on the wall.

Best Made Company
... I love you.
via Made in England, though don't be fooled, the axe is made in NYC

{My mother asked me today what I wanted for my upcoming birthday... should I tell her I want an axe? Will there be silence on the other end of the phone? I'm not sure it's something a mother wants to hear from her daughter. I could be wrong.}


karin said...

Would you even use them or just be amazed by the colour combination?

suzanne cabrera said...

Hmmm...the new croquet set. Love it!!!

Who'd ever think an axe would be the "must-have" this season.

Anonymous said...

The Mother here: Birthday gifts are so hard, but you just have to dig a little to uncover what your kids really want. I think I'll look around for a combination axe/bayonet set-up. She'd just love the versatility of it. Done, seach over! Wonder what time the Army Surplus store opens...