Thursday, November 5, 2009

As a freelancer, there's a constant effort to not let work take over life. Work is sneaky; it creeps into your evenings and weekends, and while it's something you may love, it's still work. Work is too often an excuse I use for not being able to do impromptu weekends away.

Having said that, and even though it makes no real sense given the coming week and all the deadlines, my studio mate CG and I are getting in the car and driving to Flagstaff tomorrow.

The irony is that it'll be a work weekend... but we're shaking it up, and giving Work a run for it's money. It's going to have to keep up with us this time.

{image via here... found on English Muse}


Amy said...

Flagstaff is awesome! I lived in Scottsdale for seven loooong years, and we made frequent jaunts to Flagstaff. My only fond memories of Arizona, I'm afraid...Have a wonderful time!!!

Mlle Paradis said...

Hi Debi - You'll find this when you get back. Flagstaff could be really fun. There's beautiful country (or used to be) just south of it too. Just wanted to say I saw your comment yesterday from the 25th. Sorry did not acknowledge it sooner. Yes your cake had made a few happy faces around the world I think!

debi van zyl said...

you guys are right! flagstaff is awesome... just wish i could stay longer!

Chrissy Foreman C said...

I am SO familiar with the freelance work thing. I'm having to learn to be really disciplined with myself nowadays ~ work is creeping in everywhere and I don't notice it until 6 hours has passed! Argh!!