Thursday, October 11, 2007

Not only did I receive these amazing Cydwoq shoes in the mail today as gift (from the Sundance Catalog), but they came packed with this equally amazing recycled cardboard concertina-like packing material. I don't know... maybe everyone is using this stuff, but it's the first time I've seen it and it's beautiful. When stretched out it looks like insect wings.

But getting back to the shoes ... these handmade beauties are crafted a stone's throw from where I live, which makes me want to go there and peek in their windows so that I can learn how to make shoes this beautiful. I have a feeling that even though summer in Los Angeles is drawing to a close, I'm going to be living in these sandals for a while. I've now got my eyes on their RIDE boot, in the women's vintage section. But I think I have to wait until I win the lottery first.


karin said...

I do understand why you are in love with these shoes, they are beauties and the package material is nice indeed (I've seen it before).

Heather Moore said...

Love the sandals, love the packaging, and I love your photos of both! Also rather thrilled by your calendar. That looks fantastic!

debi van zyl said...

thanks, heather! actually the photo of the sandals if from the sundance catalog where there shoes were purchased, a link i forgot to add... but have done now.

Kat Eyez said...

WhoA!!!! Just checked out the sandal company that is hard to spell.
I am going to have good dreams about them tonite!!!!!!

Thanks for letting us know about them!!!! You have lucky feet.
Are they comfy??