Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sooooooo.... I missed the Christmas-merchandising-boat.

That boat left the port a long time ago, but I thought I could just swim really really fast to catch up. I honestly thought I could get it all done in time. And I'm just finally admitting I couldn't.

Here it is: the 21st of December, and my Etsy store is still not stocked, my 2011 calendar remains unprinted, and my unfinished beasts sit awaiting legs, butts, and faces. I just couldn't get ready in time to sell for this holiday season. I feel disappointed in myself that I couldn't pull it off this year, but each year as my freelance exhibition-graphic design business grows, my handmade one shrinks.

On the one hand I am extremely happy that I'm so busy, but on the other, I am sad that I couldn't strike the right balance: I really want to be able to make more things... by hand... on my terms.. But, it's really hard.

I am in awe of and bewildered by the blog-people that I see making stuff ALL the time.... and selling it, and having jobs, significant others, children?



Despite all that, and as a measure of self-worth, I am very happy that I have finished a few projects for some good friends that, I hope, will bring smiles to some small faces. In my "off-to-the-post-office" haste I neglected to take photos of all the beasts I sent off, but I did remember to take some of this giraffe-llama who is on his way up North.

There's always next year... and maybe, just maybe, by then...... I can sew properly.

Bon Voyage beasts!


tamdoll said...

The things you make are so fantastic - it's great that your design business has been growing (I wish I had an excuse like that for why I couldn't get things done in time for this year's holiday season!)

Happy Holidays and good luck finding a balance - that makes you happy - for your business & creating handmade in the coming year.

wool and misc said...

i really like your space!


debi van zyl said...

thanks tamdoll!
I think I have some renewed spirit for the new year... needed a good break I think.

r said...

giraffie-llamacito left many smiles on faces up north. i'll send photos for your files!

debi van zyl said...

thank r.... give that little guy some smooches from me, ok?