Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Once upon a time, I mentioned that I was working on an exhibition that was opening this Spring. I can safely say it's like no other exhibition I've helped design and execute. For better and worse.

All those tough days of late have been in part due to this exhibition. One can get buried in the minutia of things, and rarely have I had the time to look up and see the big picture: this show, despite its challenges, is going to be materially beautiful. This is just one small part of the show, there are so many other gorgeous parts. I hope I can post more images as we get closer.

Last year, when I did some tests with dyed pieces of muslin and my hands stayed blue for a week, I could see the end result in my head. And while I'm not doing the actual work, thanks to JL and her band of creatives at the Autry, the image I had in my head is becoming real and it's better than I imagined.

All these blue squares, hand-dyed and all unique, are so beautiful up close. This picture, taken with my phone, does absolutely no justice. Please remind me to post better ones.


karin said...

These squares make a perfect picture.

Anonymous said...

Too bad about some personal life decisions. Men do see some women as a sport.

Hedy said...

An interesting subject for an exhibition. Your squares look beautiful and this being only a tiny part of the design I can't wait to see more. The little string in your moleskine notebook seems to have a direct connection with your work.

Hedy said...

Okay, there I am writing something about the little string and your work trying to be nice and now I read the previous comments and the way you feel about the little string at the moment.So without any strings attached: I really like the atmoshpere of the blue squares.The uniqueness of each one makes the lot so special.

debi van zyl said...

no worries Hedy! I still love that little string, it's more meaningful now. And you are right, it's these little gestures (like taping a lose string to a blank page) that I do connect with. It completely relates to my work and my sensibilities.
I still love that little string, its the company and its practices that I like less.