Thursday, January 31, 2008

I still haven't constructed my paper dolls made by Amy Earles ... but I don't think I can yet. They are so beautiful, just like this.

One day I will muster up the courage.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thank you everyone!

In addition to the recent tags and lots of encouraging comments on the blog, my I love you card has been posted in a couple places (laissez faire, oh happy day) and my beasts have been posted on mstetson ... thank you for all the support! It means a great deal :)

{post script: Just after this post my work was featured on Bloesem and Contented Me! Are all my stars aligned or something?!? My Letter-gram was also on Etsy Finds, a daily email from Etsy showcasing products and gift ideas. Thank you Irene, Kristin and Anda from Etsy... I'm really feeling the love and blushing a little bit from all the attention.}

Some milestones:

365 :: yesterday was my one year anniversary on Etsy

100 :: this past Sunday was my 100th post on this blog

In my world, these are big things ... so, thank you again!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A bouquet of beast bodies and limbs.

It's not easy to see, but there are a total of two bodies (front and back) two arms and three legs thus far.
Tagged again! This time by Karin, who was asked to show her favorite work place and has modified the tag to:

"Show me a special something (if you like),
some thing that is important or beautiful or meaningful or full of
memories for you - or all of that - and tell me about it."

I couldn't help but take a photo(s) of my current workplace (above), but to be good and actually fulfill the tag, here are photos of an old school map of Europe that I have had hanging in every apartment I've rented in Los Angeles. I bought it at a wonderful little store on Venice Blvd. about 9 years ago. I recently drove past and saw that it is no longer there.

Some reasons why this map is beautiful and meaningful to me:

1. I love maps. No ifs, ands, or buts... I love maps no matter how inaccurate, detailed, or even useless they are sometimes. I have a pretty good sense of direction and I tend to think of things from above and am north-centric, but I am fascinated by how differently one can interpret and represent orientation, scale, distance and landmarks.

2. This map servers as a reminder of 'what not to do.' It has fallen on my head a few times because I am very lazy and haven't really ever figured out a good way to attach it to the wall so that it won't fall on me. I used to have it hanging over my bed, but I have since learned my lesson. This is the region for earthquakes after all.

3. There is no copyright on the map, but it was produced when there was still a Yugoslavia, and a USSR and a Czechoslovakia. Changing political boundaries and countries who change their name have always fascinated me.

4. I am not positive, but quite sure, that the internet has replaced lovely roll-up maps likes these in school rooms. I remember times in school when the teacher had a hard time getting the map to roll back up so as to reveal the one behind it, or when something would spring loose and the map would not come down. All the kids would always laugh. I know that the internet has an amazing world to offer, but there is nothing like pointing at map or an atlas, or spinning a globe.

So there you have it... I pass this tag on to:
nina at mooidingen
maria at pĂȘle-mĂȘle
sandra at friederike!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I received an email from Gillian yesterday updating me on some beasts I had sent her (coincidently the same day I receive her postcard). As mentioned before, I did a swap with her recently and I am so happy to hear that Gavin and Arthur made their way to Australia and have been cavorting around Newcastle, having lots of adventures. Thanks Gillian... I love that Gavin and Arthur have their own blog!

{note to self: if people are taking the time to update you on the beasts that you send them, the least you could do is update your 'Where Are They Now?" page.... come on! It's about time." If you continue to promise this, it will become a 'boy who cried wolf' situation.}

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stumbled upon an interesting website today... Greetje van Tiem a designer from the Netherlands. Her portfolio is interesting but I am particularly enamored by her yarn made from recycled newspapers (above) via dezeen.

And speaking of yarn from recycled materials I've also found a new favorite, 2nd Time Cotton, created from "new textile waste originating in the apparel and textile industry." I just love that. I hate to waste an scrap of anything, so it's nice to know that all those cuttings on the floor actually end up somewhere and not just the bin.

On another note I'm about to buy some shoes that I have been obsessing over for years... the rain, my wet socks and the mud on the construction site have pushed me over the edge. I think I might have jinxed my early heralding of Spring last week ... it has been raining for three days and it promises to keep up for a few more.

I actually don't mind at all.. I love the rain. There is nothing better than the sound of the rain on the windows and being nice and warm inside. I don't feel like I'm in Los Angeles at all :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I think there is something going around... we're all getting new coat hangers! I got this one over the weekend on sale at Anthropologie.

lottie and nina recently got new coat hangers too.

Monday, January 21, 2008

I get so excited when any of my cards or beasts or what-have-you are featured on the front page of Etsy... today it's my 'I love you' card.
Thanks syko for a great treasury collection!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


i love these.... by anneke harmsen
see more of her work here.

{via silk felt soil}

Friday, January 18, 2008

Seems like the cold snap in Los Angeles is over already and (dare I say it?) today feels like Spring! I know it's too soon to really talk about Spring, but seriously... it's just so lovely outside.

And so... here is a very early tribute to Spring :: Heather's amazing paper cut flowers... incredible!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I was looking through some type catalogs this evening and of course I lingered on this page. I love this font, Tribute... it's fitting that the catalog (from Emigre) is called Love Letters, as I have a serious crush on this font and its ligatures.

A friend of mine is going to start a new business and I'm going to help her with the logo/identity system so the hunt for the perfect font, or combination of fonts, is officially on. While Tribute is probably not the one I'd go with for the project, I'm excited... not only for the design process but also because she's going to be selling sweets ... could it be any more delicious?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Two of my favorite toilet tops in Los Angeles.

{top: c.g.'s toilet; bottom: r46's toilet}

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I have blogged about old cigarette cards before and it seems that I am slowly and rather unintentionally building up a collection. The other night R and I found some really amazing ones on ebay... he got some crazy medical ones and I couldn't resist these ones showing optical illusions. The little package of 25 cards arrived today all with lovely little mind-tricking graphics. These are my favorites.

Friday, January 11, 2008

A few days ago I was tagged by Janine de Waal of Fourwalls Design.

So here goes, seven little things about me:

1. I have two favorite colors: fuschia and Paynes Grey... and I only know this last color from it's paint name, but it is a wonderful dark rich blue grey. It looks like a storm cloud threatening to pour. Fuschia is happily my default color choice. When I'm stuck with something, I almost always choose fuschia to pick me up out of the rut.

2. I don't have any pets, but since I was small I've known that I will one day have three sausage dogs named Wynken, Blynken and Nod, after the children's poem. And I've always imagined them as puppies riding around me with in my bicycle basket...which I also don't have yet.

3. I have an incurable tendency to laugh when people fall over or slip. I know it's terrible and usually my laughter can distinguish between a bad fall and a funny fall, but still I can't help myself. In turn, when I fall down or slip (I'm fairly clumsy) I laugh at myself.

4. My first language was Afrikaans and English my second. But now I can barely remember any Afrikaans, except for a few things. I still have a few of my Afrikaans children's books hoping that I'll pick it up by starting to read those again.

5. One of my biggest anxieties is missing a plane. As a result I like to be at the airport hours in advance and enjoy just sitting and watching people.

6. I have good hand-eye coordination but terrible foot-eye coordination. In high school, when I joined the soccer team, after a few games the coach, in a nice way, told me he'd probably never put me out on the field again and asked if maybe I'd like to play something else. So I started playing lacrosse.

7. When I meet someone new I always think about what kind of animal they would be. I think of myself as some kind of rodent, maybe a squirrel. Or marmot... don't ask me why. It's just a feeling :)

I haven't decided who to tag next, or even if I am going to tag... that will come later.

{above image: unknown source}

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Introducing Francisco ... my newest little beast.

Each beast goes out into the world with a postcard so that they can stay in touch. Lately I've received so many postcards with hilarious stories and updates from the beasts and new owners. I really need to make some time to update my 'Where are they now?' page on my website. Currently only a few beasts have photo updates and the goal is to post all the postcards and photos I get back. I love hearing from them and today I received one from Isak.

so much to do but for now... a big smile on my face.

Monday, January 7, 2008

I received a nice little email this morning wishing me a happy new year from ID Textile, a textile design laboratory in France led by Marion and Sonia. They have some a great collection of graphic floral textiles and I'mso happy to see that they will be having an online boutique soon.

I spent a bunch of time on their blog ... they've got lots of amazing links to some very beautiful and also very whimsical things. I went on a veritable blog-bounce and found some new favorite sites. I think I spent the most time looking at this Dutch Design House Demakersvan, thanks to ID Textile. I love the Lace Fence (above) and these wonderful Waiting Chairs (below).
I really want to start making things larger than an A4 piece of paper and a knitted monster. This is not to say that I don't love what I do, but sometimes I would really love to jump scales and work in a larger format. Being in architecture, I work at a much larger scale at 'my day job' .... but I think there is something in between for me too ... furniture?

Friday, January 4, 2008

Somebody.... anybody.... if you have a space like either of these, will you please invite me over for dinner?

I swear food must taste better if you're eating it in these beautiful and simple surroundings.

{top: from Marie Claire Maison, Sept. 2006
bottom: source unknown, but I'm pretty sure I either ripped it out of NY Times Magazine or the Los Angeles Times magazine some time ago}


Also, I have finally given my white giraffe a name: Russel (formerly known as Mr. White).

It's raining a lovely rain in Los Angeles today. It's supposed to continue for a few days which makes me so happy.

And now I am off to the museum for some Friday afternoon art. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I recently did a swap with gillian t. bencke in Australia ... and this is Arnott, a lovely creature and a new best friend. I'm not positive, but he looks like the quiet type and could be a good travel companion? Time will tell...

I blogged about g.t.b. about 2 months ago after she got in touch with me. I have long admired her dolls but now seeing one (actually many... pics of 'flies in milk' to come) in person I am so impressed by the craftsmanship and the individuality of each piece. Her work inspires me to be more thoughtful of my materials and compositions, and while my beasts are something different than her dolls, there is something to be learned from her color and material choices and presentation style.

And so... a new year begins... I'm excited for what lies ahead.