Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Introducing Francisco ... my newest little beast.

Each beast goes out into the world with a postcard so that they can stay in touch. Lately I've received so many postcards with hilarious stories and updates from the beasts and new owners. I really need to make some time to update my 'Where are they now?' page on my website. Currently only a few beasts have photo updates and the goal is to post all the postcards and photos I get back. I love hearing from them and today I received one from Isak.

so much to do but for now... a big smile on my face.


karin said...

Francisco is a nice guy, I love his stripey legs :)
The"Where are they now" Page is great, seeing all those hilarious creatures of you together is very funny!!

elianne said...

I really love your work. They have such a strong personality.

irina said...

your crochet animals are totally amazing! thank you so much!