Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A few months ago we bought a dusty, spider-webby, and neglected bench at a garage sale. R put in a lot of work and today we enjoy this lovely almost 10-foot long bench. He used Tung oil on the undersides to bring out the beauty of the wood and painted the top.

It's just so simple... and it's perfect. It almost looks like it belongs at the cabin. And speaking of the cabin, the louvered wood slats on the patio are one my favorite parts. Not only are they graphically striking, but they filter the light so beautifully. Given that this house was built in the '40's and hasn't been that well maintained, it's wonderful to see these original details still functioning.

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Freshly Found said...

How lovely to have such a special bench on your patio - really long and with an interesting story behind it too!