Sunday, November 11, 2007

I've just relisted the 2008 calendar... it's still limited edition with a total of 50 in all ... It's slightly different this time because I'm using a Japanese book binding method instead of glue. Because these little guys take a long time to make, I'll taking pre-orders on Etsy and will shipping no later than December 20th.

Thanks again to everyone who has posted about the calendar recently and to those who have purchased it!


nina said...

I really like your calendar!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful design.

(I'm wondering what kind of circle cutter you use...but I understand you may not want to divulge!)

debi van zyl said...

oh no worries, I just use a little olfa circle cutter, got it a the local craft store years ago. it's treated me very well!

çläu said...

hi! is my first visit here.
i like everything you do but I love this creatures!!!! so cute.
from buenos aires, argentina