Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Laura Normandin

I love this piece by Laura Normandin of WREN handmade. Seeing her work this morning on Poppy reminded me how much I love this image {saved in my 'Images I Like' folder} and her work.

I'm still lamenting the loss of my external hard drive.. countless images {my own and inspirational ones from years of gathering} gone.

To get it all off my mind, I am currently thinking about:
Papa Stour's Bolt Hole holiday cottage {image above}
Norwegian architect :: Wenche Selmer
lovely Japanese shop :: hickory no ki {via labor of heart and hoping for happy accidents}
my new haircut... and what it means to have a fringe again


laissezfaire said...

hope you feel better soon. such a bummer to love your HD. But I am sure you will find lots of lovely ones soon. =)

lottie said...

I've been wanting to go to the Papa Stour cottage as well. I'm so in love with it!