Friday, September 7, 2007

international postage

A while ago a package from Japan arrived which I saved for the beautiful stamps.

Here is another... i LOVE the little crying broken glass 'FRAGILE' icon.

and another:

Obsessed? Maybe a little... I am going to visit my parents this weekend and will probably rumage through some old boxes of stuff from our past lives. My mother used to collect stamps, and at the risk of becoming a stamp collector (naturally considering my hoarding tendancies) I might have to go through the huge glass jar she stored them in.

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Happy March said...

You are not alone in your stamp obsession! I save every single stamp on things my mom mails me (from Botswana) and everything that the rest of the family mails me (in good old RSA). I hoard them, but they are small and therefor harmless, right?.
Have a look at my framed stamps on my flickr page!