Monday, April 23, 2012

I had never eaten a loquat before, until yesterday while walking home from the farmer's market, a family (whose two kids were climbing a loquat tree) shouted across the street to me and asked me if I wanted to try one. Totally random.

And I did.

It was delicious. I've been curious about loquats as there is a tree in my yard full of ripe loquats, but I never got around to trying one. So when I got home, I picked a bunch off the tree and decided to try to make a pie.... because why the hell not. Not too many loquat recipes out there, but I found one here. It was amazing! Not too sweet... just right. Pie crust from Epicurious.

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Anne said...

I love loquat. In Chinese it's called Pi-Pa, which is where the instrument gets it's name.

It's also made into a thick honey like paste/syrup for dry or sore throat.

Your pie looks delish!