Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I've been working on something new... and the letters arrived today. Wish I didn't have a drawing deadline for another project tomorrow and I could just work on this instead.


Hedy said...

Thanks Debbi for commenting on my blog. That was a very nice surprise this morning. I often visit your blog because I like your pictures, work and links a lot.I got my Meg Mateo books by your recommendation and they really are very helpful

debi van zyl said...

Hi Hedy! I loved catching up with your blog this morning and it made me miss Australia so much! I fell in love with that continent over a decade ago and wish I could return soon. I love seeing the pics of Cairns and the overall lushness and the bougainvillea that grows overnight after the effects of the cyclone. It speaks so well to the Australian spirit you mention in an earlier post.

Happy that Cairns was lucky. buy I also send my well wishes to those who weren't so lucky.