Monday, October 25, 2010

At the art sale I also bought a print of Yu-I's.... I've been following her blog for a while as well as her work. Despite us both living in Los Angeles, having mutal friends, and having attended the same architecture school, I had never officially met her until Saturday. Finally it all just came together.

Funny how that goes, eh?

This one is from her Princess Kavalan series from 2008. It's so beautiful. I'm waiting to take it to the framers and will hang it in the new studio.

{the lower image show two of my many favorite sections of the print, blown up}

... . ... . ... . ... . . . .. . . .

Tomorrow I start jury duty... so I might disappear from a while!

We'll see....


helicopter6 said...

It is beautiful - lucky you. Funny how small the world can be (and so large!)

yu-i said...

Hi Debi,

I'm so glad to meet you "again" in the sale!!
yuko send your blog to me a while ago and she asked me if i remembered "debi",... and i said "who"!!???

i'm so embarrassed!!
i will visit your blog more often!