Monday, May 25, 2009

Some sad news: Renowned wood worker and true craftsman.... Sam Maloof has died.

It's funny how things work... we (H and CG and I) were signed up for a tour of his house for later this week.

Truly a loss to our built-world...

{images from here and here}


K said...

Oh this is sooo sad. You can tour his house?!?!

Are you still going? Or is it a personal tour by him... so um.. that wouldn't work.


debi van zyl said...

yes, you can tour his house. not sure what they're doing now, but i think the tours were docent-led, so i'm sure that'll continue. what I've heard is that sometimes you were lucky enough to meet him and get a more personalized tour if he was around and available. would have been be great.... sigh.