Monday, October 6, 2008

Earlier this year I sent some beasts off to England to be part of a new shop,, and the webshop finally launched today! Fiona and Jenneth have spent months gathering beautiful handcrafted items from all over the world and my wee beasts have made the cut :) There are some really lovely pieces, I'm so happy that my work is amongst it all! And not only are the goods beautiful, but so is the site's design. Elegant and clean, but also fun and whimiscal.

Also check out their blog, where you'll see Roscoe the Giraffe ushering in the big day... and also, Owen, the blog's lucky mascot.

A big congratulations to Fiona and Jenneth!


Julie @ Letter9 said...

A big congratulations to YOU, too. How cool and exciting. That site is gorgeous, too. What a neat company to work with.

Toktokada said...

Looks great !! I am going to check this out.