Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Procrastination can have some good outcomes.

To avoid some of the work I have to do, I did some long overdue dusting on the shelf above my desk... now I can proudly show off my legs.

And I finally planted my up in the air somewhere water tower.

Suppose I should get back to work now....

..... . .. .... . . .. . . .. . .. . . .

{a few minutes later}

well... I didn't go back to work. Instead I began stacking some dimensional type... for absolutely no reason; getting the 'g' and 'F' and 'r' to balance each other took up some nice valuable time that I will curse myself for having wasted later on tonight.

Now I'm banning myself from my camera for the rest of the afternoon!

See you tomorrow :)


amy said...

but sometimes procrastination begets beautiful images, like the ones above!

stephanie said...

wow... it's amazing what you did with the letters!
can you let me know where you got the letters from?
p.s. I love the color purple! :p

debi van zyl said...

hi stephanie, i got the letters from various places... i work in exhibition design and there are a lot of left-over letters from when the exhibitions are de-installed and usually i am able to get a few. i also find lots of letters at local flea markets. also take a look on etsy; there are a few great vintage shops selling old signage and type. good luck! i'm sure you'll find some beauties :)

jae said...

wow! i love the formation of your letters - so simple yet striking.