Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My quick little trip to the Netherlands is over and now I am suffering from some terrible jet lag. The only good thing about the 11 hour flight home was all the knitting I was able to complete.

I also learned two things:

1. About 8 hours into the flight, a women across the aisle showed me another way to cast on stitches.
2. People get funny looks on their faces after they ask you what you are knitting, and you reply with, "beasts." And then when you feel compelled to say "monsters" it doesn't really help.

Nevertheless, I will have beasts, beasts and more beasts to show you soon.

*goodnight, I'm going to sleep now :)


mette koldkjær højlund said...

thats funny -I always pack my knittings in my luggage cause I think they won't let me bring knitting needles onboard! But you were allowed ? welcome home.

debi van zyl said...

i've had my needles taken away from me once, but lately they've been letting me on no problem. i take my short double-pointed needles which is fine because i have small projects. and this time i even risked a little pair of sewing scissors; i was astonished that they let me leave los angeles with them, as well as from amsterdam. you never know though, it's always a gamble but i always try :)

Anonymous said...

this reminds me so much of the street where we used to live...brings back some good memories...did you have a nice time?

debi van zyl said...

i did have a nice time, thank you irene... and yes, it was a such a lovely street. very quiet and tranquil. I really loved walking and walking and walking throughout the city.

Susan said...

i was also going to ask about needles and the airport. lucky you for getting through!