Thursday, December 20, 2007

The last of the birthday gifts: a wonderful little perforated metal stand. I'm not sure which era it is from... the 50's? 60's?? I have seen a few of these, here and there, at flea markets etc. and always wanted one, but never really took the plunge. So it's a wonderful gift!. I first tried it at the couch so that it could hold magazines but it never looked quite right with everything else. So it has found a home right next to my desk, where it's actually very useful to me. Plus, I don't have any space for plants or flowers in my work area so it's nice to have a greenery on the side.

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ColleenBaran said...

What a lovely gift!
& I have that exact same one- though mine is in a warm brass! I use it for holding smaller envelopes used in shipping.