Monday, August 27, 2007

Tara Donovan

I have a folder on my computer called 'Images I Like" which does me no good because I just collect images that attract me but I can no longer remember from which websites they originate. I am practically drowning in all my bookmarks and favorites and thought if I just saved images instead of whole sites that would help. I was so very wrong.

I did however come across the above image in said folder that was well enough archived so that I could trace it back. The artist is Tara Donovan who exhibited at the ACE gallery in 2005. The image of this installation is hauntingly beautiful I think... who knew styrofoam cups could be so pretty?

Now that I've started this blog I visit my "Images I Like" folder often and kick myself... who are all these wonderful people whose work I love?


ashley rose helvey said...

hehe... i know that feeling. i love this image as well.

Jessica said...

oh, do you have a delicious account? it's a pretty good way to save bookmarks with multiple tags and include notes about what you'll find there.
i guess it's still all over the place, really, but with a soothing feeling that your bookmarks are actually organized.

debi van zyl said...

thank you...i'll have to check out this site!


wow - so great to come across your blog through bloesom ... Love this installation! definitely use delicious for saving your bookmarks, another great thing is if you have friends who admire similar things, you can also network and be added to their network of bookmarks. flickr is still one of my favorites for collecting what inspires me ... I look forward to becoming a regular reader ... I love your collection of images - even though I'm a design addict, there it a beautiful calm and subtle feeling that is true to my love of minimalism, simplicity and the attention to details ... great post, thank you for sharing!

ColleenBaran said...

Ah ha, yes, I also have a link free collection of lovely images- in a folder called 'good stuff' subdivided into categories. Now that I have Just started a blog I also find myself link-less.

Though it can sometimes be a really great reason to find updates on these people.

Though many of the 'early' images are name-link-everything free. Filed under 'I will remeber who has made this and needn't make a mark of it' and now quite anonymous.

I also have work by Tara Donovan somewhere in my files and as I look at this image I find myself sure that they're not properly marked...